Submit a Proposal

Proposals submitted to International ECMONet may request endorsement.

ECMONet-endorsed studies will be allowed to utilize the “Endorsed by the International ECMO Network (ECMONet)” designation on their final manuscript and will benefit from consultancy with ECMONet thought-leaders and networking with ECMONet members.

Ethical Review Board or Institutional Review Board approval is required for all studies prior to commencing study activities. It is the responsibility of the investigators to obtain all necessary approvals. The endorsement of ECMONet is contingent on the proper attainment of such approvals. Failure to comply with all applicable ethics approvals will result in withdrawal of the endorsement of ECMONet.

To submit a proposal to International ECMONet, please complete the following application form in it’s entirety. Please send the application form, a brief abstract and all study documents to the Scientific Committee Coordinator at